The African American Contractors Association's purpose is to assist and help develop African American contractors businesses by:

  • Creating fair business opportunities for African American owned contracting companies, particularly with the African American community, private corporations, & municipal agencies - city, county, state, federal agencies, & other organizations.
  • Facilitating developer/general contractor relationships that lead to contracting opportunities for AACA members. We also sponsor business opportunity conferences for developers, general contractors, and corporations that serve to link AACA members with buyers of services.
  • To promote purchases of goods and services provided by African American owned businesses.
  • To provide management and technical assistance to African American owned businesses to help develop workshops for African American owned businesses to help them compete effectively in the business community on subjects such as:
    • Bonding/Insurance
    • Project Management and Cost Accounting
    • Estimating
    • Ongoing Maintenance Service Contacts
    • Finance
    • Business Development Training
  • Maintaining a strong and viable presence within the African American community and to serve as a networking conduit, among business community organizations, political sectors to facilitate mutually disadvantaged businesses or relationships with minority contractors, minority suppliers, major corporations, municipal agencies - city, county, state, federal agencies, and other organizations.


  • Minority Business Development/ Target Market, Employment Selection
  • Technical Assistance
  • Procurement of ongoing Maintenance & Services Contractor
  • Community Outreach

In an effort to insure opportunities for African American Business owners in corporate Indianapolis and the construction industry, AACA has been able to secure millions of dollars in construction service contracts for our membership.

We provide the following research & service such as:

  • Identifying M/D/WBEs and EBEs (Emerging Business Enterprises) for services and contracting opportunities.
  • Provide business profile on AACA contractors and vendors.
  • ¬†Provide community outreach for the maximum M/D/WBE and EBE participation of our every project.